About Us

We learned the painting business through trial and error and lots of ongoing education. We’ve learned that although trial and error is good, it is a very costly and slow way to learn. But when you couple trial and error along with continuing education thru 3rd parties, then a business can grow exponentially. Since we started painting houses in 1977, we have learned an enormous amount. This allows us to do a better job for our clients than most any other contractor. We have painted some of the finest homes in America. We have also painted in the slums….literally. We have painted everything in between. This has given us great education and we pass that on to our clients in knowing how to things in the most efficient ways, with super high quality, at the right prices. We have also joined and attended some of the best contractor training groups in the country. We learn as much from others as we have learned on our own. Together, these things put us heads and shoulders above our competitors and ensures that we are doing the right things for our clients.

I could write a book about the painting business and one day I just might. But I don’t want to bore the visitors to this site with all of that. We do however, want to answer any questions concerning house painting that you may have. If there is anything you want to know about how to paint a house, what tools to use, tricks of the trade, etc.. Please fill out the form below and we will answer you in a timely fashion.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.