How To Paint Trim 3 Times Faster

Paint trim the best possible way without a sprayer.  The video below will show you how. 

Painting FAST is better for everyone. It’s gives you a better job at a lower price. I know, I’ve heard it for 40 years….”Fast painters are just sloppy, you need to take your time when painting.” That MIGHT be true for DIY’ers that haven’t been taught the proper way of painting.

If you read the directions on almost any can of paint, one thing you’ll see is – “Always maintain a WET EDGE.” Well, you CAN’T do that if you paint slow, especially with today’s fast drying 100% Acrylic Paints.

Just try painting a 6 panel door in more than 10 minutes in semi-sun OR more than 15 minutes inside in the shade. It will look horrible. The paint will lap (applying wet paint over a dry edge of paint) it will pull and ball up like warm rubber and just be an eyesore. Plus the painter probably worked way to hard to try to paint it. His/her brush was in and out of the paint can 50 times to paint one door. You end up paying more because the painter has to charge you for the time it takes for them to complete each task In this case, painting a door. Multiply that by many doors and somebody is getting ripped off………YOU!

Now paint that same door in LESS than 10 minutes. It will look great. All of the paint on the door will all dry at the same time. This helps the paint to level uniformly and with the same sheen when dry. Plus it doesn’t cost you as much to have it painted. The painter wont have to work as hard when they KNOW how to paint them properly. The painter won’t have to charge as much either. Do you want to pay $40.00 per door that looks terrible when finished OR pay $20.00 for each door that looks better than when your house was new?

That’s what the video below shows you. This is painting a window but the same is true for doors, baseboard, etc. If you are a DIY’er, we hope this helps you do a better, faster, easier job. If you would like us to do your painting for you, please call 540-430-0522 or


Earn 25.00

 Tools you need;

  1. Two gallon bucket
  2. Two gallon screen
  3. 4 inch roller frame
  4. 4 inch roller cover (lint free)
  5. 2.5 inch nylon brush



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