How To Strip Wallpaper (Video)


Stripping wallpaper can be a real PIA. We hope that the video below will make your job easier, faster and more tolerable.

You need to be patient when stripping wallpaper. If you hurry it, you can damage the drywall behind it pretty bad and make repairing it take as longer than getting the paper off in the first place.

First, try to grab a loose edge of the paper and gently try to  pull the biggest piece off that you possibly can. If you are lucky, the paper and backing will all pull of at once. If you are less lucky, the top of the paper will pull off in fairly large pieces and just leave the paper backing stuck to the drywall. The paper backing soaks up the wallpaper stripping solution easily and you can then easily scrape it off with a 6 inch drywall knife. If you are out of luck, the front of the paper will hardly peel off at all and you will be stuck with a job such as we show in the video above.

Even if the paper is the most stubborn as when you are out of luck, it’s still not that bad. Just take your time and follow the instructions. It will be okay!


We hope the video made your wallpaper stripping easier. If however you simply don’t want to do the job yourself, just fill out the simple form below and we will be happy to take care if it for you. Thank you.