Our Company Philosophy


What does Win-Win-Win mean on the bottom of our business card? Well, it sums up our entire business philosophy. It makes things better for anyone that comes in contact with our company. That means our clients, our employees, and our company itself. Each one of those entities has to win with every job. If one of them doesn’t then that would mean that we have system that needs to be fixed.

Let me explain what this means and what happens if we didn’t incorporate this philosophy.

1. Our clients have to win or we be out of business. This means that they have to get the best possible service, at the best possible price. They need to have the proper preparation on their jobs. They need to have the best possible workers doing their jobs. They need to have the best possible materials for their needs. They need to enter into contracts with the least possible risk….none. When these things happen, our clients win.

2. Our employees need to have a better job working for us than they can get anywhere else. This is not just by earning more money, but by getting respect as well. That want and need the best equipment. They need incentives to get the work done right and on time. They need to be caught doing things right. Not yelled at because a boss thinks that yelling at workers is what bosses are supposed to do.

3. Our company has to make a fair profit. If we can’t make a profit, we shouldn’t be in business.

Of course there is a lot more to the win-win-win philosophy but the above are the basics and I don’t want to bore people with all of the other little yet important thing.

If our company didn’t use this philosophy, there is a lot that can go wrong. If our clients don’t get a fair price and their jobs done by the best painters in the area with the proper materials, then something would be wrong. If we weren’t able to hire the best painters and other tradespeople then we couldn’t give our clients the best. Great products installed by novice workers is not a good thing. Great workers applying cheap products is also bad.

To make all of these things work on every job takes a company willing to go the extra miles to make sure these things happen each and every time. They have to be super accurate with their quotes. They need to know what the proper materials are. They need to attract and hire the best mechanics in town. They need to care about their company, their employees and their clients. It’s taken almost 40 years to make all of the systems work out for everyone on every job. But that is exactly what we have done at PaintIT.com,  and it benefits everyone!

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