Us vs. Them House Painting

What you need to know BEFORE you hire a painting contractor. It’s NOT ONLY about the estimate.

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There a 2 basic types of painters………Custom and Production. Custom painters are the types that TRY to do the best job they can in occupied homes. They consider themselves ……higher quality painters. The problem is that most of them have never learned how to do things fast. Most have learned the trade from a friend or relative and that’s the ONLY experience and education they have ever gotten. So if a contractor was trained WRONG in the beginning, they may claim to have 30 years of experience but they don’t even know that it has been 30 years of doing things the wrong way. They will get the jobs done and usually well done. The problem is that they never learned FASTER ways of completing the same projects which will often result in an even higher quality job. As an example, when they quote a job, they may bid it at 100 man hours and that will be close to how much/long it takes them to complete it. So they think that everything was fair. But what if another contractor could have completed that same job at higher quality for 60 man hours? Sadly, too often the client has gotten pricing from the 60 man hour contractor and end up PAYING TOO MUCH and not even realize it!


The other type of painters are known as Production painters. These are the painters they were taught to paint new homes, apartments and other rentals. They are usually FAST. They have to be or they cant get the work on those type of projects. The problem for you is that they have not had to worry about floors being covered, furniture, dealing with multiple clients, using high quality materials, et., etc.. One of them probably paints a complete 2 bedroom apartment including cabinets in one day………..every day. Or maybe they caulk and putty nail holes in 3 -3000 sq. ft. new homes every day. They know how to get it done, they just don’t know the other half which is how to slow down a little bit, cover floors and furniture, don’t track wet paint throughout the houses, be courteous to homeowners, etc., etc…

Have Production painters quote your job and you will probably love the price. But when they ask for the final check, what will your floors, furnishings, etc., look like? How will you feel about that? Do you want to fight with your contractor? It’s not a fun place or predicament to find yourself.

Now, what if you could find a contractor that possesses both of the above qualities? What if you could find a contractor that had painted 100’s of new homes and apartments and also 100’s of occupied custom homes? You will have found a contractor that KNOWS how to paint high quality custom homes……..FAST. You will have found the contractor that will quote your job at 60 man hours when all the competition is quoting 100 man hours. You will win. You have found THE BEST PAINTING CONTRACTOR. You are on that contractor’s website right now! Paul started out painting new homes and apartment in 1977 and worked his way up to painting some of the finest homes ever built in America. He started working on those D.C. suburb homes around 1985. Now Paul’s is in your area and Paul is still on EVERY JOB!

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